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Welcome to the World of Sequoia Paint ®

Sequoia Paint is a local brand and has a long history of establishment since 1986. Our product has the synonyms of quality which has gain the trust of our customer for this many years. Currently, we are ready to be the first Malaysian paint company to produce green product in anticipation to be innovative and more importantly, a greener planet for our future generations.


Our Products

We are fully aware of the attachment to a culture of testifying the consistency of the quality, performance and reliability of our products. Therefore, we use the best possible raw material in our production. Any new raw material which we intend to integrate into our products are tested for compatibility and quality before they are actually used in our production line.

Products and Technical Support

In Sequoia, customer services is one of our priorities. Sequoia is always ready to give out technical information on our product to meet customer’s satisfaction and make the best out of our products.

Our Commitment

Our mission is to research and develop new products as well as improve the quality of our paints. Our researches now focus on waterborne paint to meet the current green policy and health issues.

Research and development (R&D) is the key to our success in innovation to satisfy our customer’s need by continuously provide products and service with highest possible quality at competitive price.


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